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Canary Island Rums

We exclusively source our Spanish rums from Arehucas Distilleries.  They have been producing premium rums, spirits and liqueurs in the Canary Islands since 1884.  Combining centuries of tradition and expertise, it is the oldest distillery in Europe and the official supplier to the Royal House of Spain (since 1892).  

Buy honey rum, gold card rum, aged 7, 12 or 18 year old rums or Caramel rum online today to share in this rich history and indulge in seductive quality rums that have made Arehucas one of the most popular labels in Spain and throughout Europe for decades.

Blat Vodka

Blat Vodka is an advanced vodka, not only for its exceptional smoothness but also its beautiful, prize-winning bottle.

"Advanced" refers to the guarantee that every bottle is without impurities thanks to the well kept secret of the processes involved in its distillation and purification.  These processes are applied only to Blat. No competitor can equal them.  Blat is the only vodka 100% free of impurities. US government approved laboratories have analyzed and certified that the highly advanced proprietary process, unique to Blat, has eliminated all detectable impurities, while keeping its full smooth flavors. Blat having no measurable impurities, is the purest and smoothest tasting vodka in the world.

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White Card Rum - 700ml

Select 7 Years Rum - 700ml

Blat Vodka - 700ml

Wine / Water Bota

Caramelo Rum - 700ml

Arehucas Banana Liqueur

Arehucas Banana
Liqueur 700ml

Gold Card Rum - 700ml

Arehucas Reserve 18
Years Old Rum - 700ml

Guanche Honey Rum - 700ml

Arehucas Reserve 12 Years Old Rum

Arehucas Reserve 12
Years Old Rum - 700ml

Captain Kidd 30 Years - 700ml